Elisabeth was born in Bilbao, Spain, and grew up in various areas of Spain and Venice, Italy. 

She graduated from TAI, a Dramatic Arts School in Madrid and was then accepted into the Master's Program at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.


Elisabeth is a very accomplished actress, especially given her young age.  After starting the Master's program, she immediately landed a roll in the TV series, "Dos de Mayo." Upon graduating, she played Alba in the Spanish TV series "La pecera de Eva," and co-starred in the production, "Bad Night" by the famous director Alex de La Iglesia at the same time.


Then she played the lead in the film, "Maras" by Chema Rodriguez.


In 2012 Elisabeth was in the TV series "Isabel," which got huge ratings.


Since then, she has played  Julia in the TV series, "Homicidios" with Eduardo Noriega, Patricia in "Hospital Central," and Judy in the comedy TV series "The Avatars" airing in Italy.  Next, she got the lead in the web series "The Goddaugther" and played a German war journalist in the TV series "Vox influx." Recently, she played Princess María of Austria in the television series "Carlos, Rey Emperador" and Luchi, in the reputed television series "Cuéntame cómo pasó". She just finished filming the first season of the new tv series "Vivir sin permiso" as Octavia, and she plays Alice in the american production shooting in Japan "I am not a bird", based on the novel "Lost girls and love hotels".



She speaks English, Spanish and Italian fluently and she's very adept at doing accents, including Mexican, Italian & French.